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The Square Watermelon and a Backyard Gardener 

How a curious home gardener decided to make round watermelons square shaped

Square Watermelon SlicesThe square watermelon adds excitement to gardening for any backyard gardener.  Although springtime seems to wake up a get-up-and-do-it attitude among the home gardening community, for many, it is still the same-old, same-old types of crop—tomatoes, peas, zucchinis, and perhaps pumpkin and watermelon thrown in for variety.

My little adventure into growing the square watermelon (and not a round watermelon) was just to do something out of the ordinary…to satisfy the curiosity of actually growing it similar to Japanese farmers, who are truly the experts on producing square watermelons commercially. 

This is how my square watermelon 'experiment' all started….

Yellow BambooBamboo has also fascinated me.  It is the fastest growing plant known, the strongest wood to weight, and it provides various types of material to many cultures around the world. 

Its wood is used for building, quality flooring in homes, kitchen utensils (ex. chopping block); its fiber is used for making paper and clothing; and young shoots as they pop out of the earth is soft and provides a tasty vegetable for several Asian cultures, including the Chinese and Japanese.

Growing bamboo was part of my planting interest when I lived in the Vancouver, BC, area.  I believe it is the only region in Canada with mild enough climate where bamboo can thrive well…

Bamboo in Canada…and an indoor coconut tree!  A friend once challenged me while in the Caribbean to grow a coconut plant from the nut itself.  Well, I grew it when I lived in a small (but well lit) apartment in Montreal, Quebec while I was still studying there.  It grew to the ceiling and could not go any further.  It was part of my creative but nutty heritage…