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The notorious cartoon character, Homer Simpson, didn`t know how to grow square watermelon so he bought one from a street vendor in Tokyo. I grew one in my home garden and now show others how to grow their own square watermelon in their home gardens. It's your turn to have your own!

Knowing how to grow square watermelon is still a mystery to many, however, this unusual fruit is taking Japan by storm being only available at select supermarkets and upscale stores.

Japanese watermelon farmers have perfected the art of growing square watermelons, but they aren’t about to reveal their secret process. When a square watermelon sells for over $82 USD who can blame them for protecting their knowledge of how to grow this square fruit.

But I did it. I cracked the code and I explained it all on how to grow square watermelon in my latest ebook Grow Your Own Square Watermelon.


Amaze Your Friends and Wow the Neighbors When You Know How to Grow Square Watermelon

...when I told them I planted watermelon last summer I hardly got a response. When I mentioned I harvested a square watermelon, I couldn’t shut them up for the barrage of curious questions.

It is about the challenge of how to grow square watermelon as part of my square watermelon story. I often dabble in my home garden with interest in doing things just a bit differently. First, I must admit I have no formal training in agriculture or horticulture. My ideas and energy come out of my curiosity about things and how they happen to be.

What the commercial watermelon growers won’t reveal, I have documented in Grow Your Own Square Watermelon. It’s the actual process I used to SUCCESSFULLY grow my own prize watermelon.

Most of all I show the exact dimensions that were used and which are critical to getting the attractive `square watermelon` shape that everyone is talking about.

This unusual square fruit can bring an amusing dimension to your growing season and can be the star attraction to any fruit basket.

When you apply the techniques on how to grow square watermelon as I show in this book, you`ll discover a great way to break the ice, get attention, start a conversation, get creative ideas started and simply have fun. What’s more, a square watermelon wouldn’t roll around in your fridge.all smiles

It is now possible for the ordinary home gardener to grow this amazing fruit without the high-tech resources and financing that may be available to the commercial farms. I show how to grow square watermelons using low tech materials...stuff you can get in any hardware store.

Watermelon carvings are popular among many in Asia, but nothing beats having a natural, whole square watermelon. The square watermelon simply commands its own attration!


This `How to Grow Square Watermelon` Book is One of a Kind

Because this information is not wide spread, learning how to grow square watermelon can make you the only one on the block to grow this peculiar looking fruit this summer. But just think about the reaction you’ll get when you tell your friends you grew your own square watermelon - it’s going to be amazing and ego-pampering!

And when you have successfully harvested your prize fruit — it’s time for a party. Gather your friends and neighbors and tell your story.

It’s now time to savor the refreshing taste of this season’s toil in style – with no ordinary fruit but your own square watermelon!

After all, enjoying square watermelon slices has become part of the “with it” lifestyle among trendy Japanese.

Knowing How to Grow Square Watermelon and the Entrepreneur

Knowing how to grow square watermelons can put you in an enviable position...and, with a little homework and business research, this enterprise could also be financially rewarding if you have the resources to go beyond the backyard garden.

Baby watermelons

  • Make money in local niche markets. Market to people looking for a conversation piece for parties and gatherings. 
  • With such ready markets and very little competition, you could look forward to high profits. 

Grow Your Own Square Watermelon is full of critical watermelon growing information. It shows step-by-step, from flower to baby watermelon, to full-fledged square watermelon fruit...the same process I used to achieve my success. It’s a great opportunity to bring some intrigue to the be a shining star that lights up the fruit and vegetable industry.


The Only Square Watermelon `How-To` Book Of Its Kind

Over the years I have experimented with some wild and crazy subjects, and attaining success in how to grow a square watermelon is one of my proudest (and most fun) achievements.

I had first searched the internet and agricultural research centers to learn how to grow square watermelon on my own but couldn’t find anything worthwhile. I realized that those who have the knowledge weren’t about to tell how to. After many trial and errors I finally grew my own odd-shaped fruit — the perfect square...a real, live square watermelon!

Stripped watermelonI was faced with many issues… what kind of watermelon to use for my region?… how to fit the plant in the very limited garden space?… what is the ideal size and shape of the natural watermelon?… and so on.

Now that I’ve grown one myself, I documented my discoveries in this book to make it easier for you.

Grow Your Own Square Watermelon is perhaps the only book available that describes step-by-step how to grow square watermelon. Use it as a guide to grow your own.

Here’s what you get…

How to grow square watermelon ebook




The essentials
Summer’s challenge.
Limited garden space.
Climate limitations.
Watermelon varieties.
Pests and other dangers to your plant.
Choose a watermelon for your region.
Prepare the soil.
Prepare space for the vine
Planting and growing the plant.
Taking care of the watermelon on the vine.
Lack of light and skin color density.
Time to harvest.
Storing the watermelon.
Cutting the watermelon.
It’s all natural… it only looks odd.


Build the structure. Shape your watermelon.
Step 1: Choose your watermelon.
Step 2: Approximate the dimensions.
Step 3: Determine the components.
Step 4: Cut to your chosen dimensions.
Step 5: Assemble components.
Step 6: Shape the young watermelon.
Step 7: Check frequently.
Step 8: Harvest your square watermelon – Claim your prize!


At last!
What can you do with this peculiar-looking fruit?
Do other shapes tickle your fancy?
Other fruits.
For fun and profit— the lure of niche markets.
Watermelon fun facts.
Health benefits of watermelon.
Watermelon recipes.
Keep the fun alive with digital photography.
Some final words.


 Square watermelon payment  order ebook


Who Can Benefit From This `How To` Book on Square Watermelon?

Out-of-the-ordinary gardens are growing in popularity because of the excitement they bring to people. This book on how to grow square watermelon can only bring more intensity to this excitement. It’s great for:

  • Backyard and home gardens.
  • Rooftop gardens.
  • Community gardens.
  • School gardens.
  • Farmers with specialty markets in mind.
  • A hot gift item for off-beat gardeners or the person who already has everything.

Here`s what one customer had to say about this book on how to grow square watermelon...

really cool!
We grew square watermelons and even square pumpkins and stuff using this book and used the whole thing as my sons 9th grade science experiment. :) reviewer


You Know How to Grow Square the First to Grow One Locally

  • Apply a touch of novelty to your gardening. Entertain your friends with an off-the-wall square watermelon project.
  • Include kids and encourage them to be ‘grounded’ in planting as a means to harvesting, litterally and metaphorically speaking.
  • Square watermelon refreshments are fast becoming the North America’s gourmet coffee equivalent in Japan. What an opportunity to blaze a trail in your hang-out!

Learn how to grow square watermelon with Grow Your Own Square Watermelon. It can be ready for download within minutes of purchasing it. Whether you’re in North America, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, having your own square watermelon is no longer a pipe dream. At $19.95 for the ebook, your end-of–season BBQs, picnics, and out-door gatherings may be your most memorable in years.

Here’s to your summer’s fun,

 Me and my sqyare waternelon

Author, Grow Your Own Square Watermelon


Square watermelon payment order ebook

Amaze your friends. Wow your neighbors. Grow YOUR Own Square Watermelon!